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Criminal Law


At Jacobs Law our criminal defence solicitors represent clients in all of the West Midlands Courts as a matter of routine as well as having a national presence allowing us to operate in courts throughout England and Wales.

Our criminal defence solicitors offer a distinct service to the individual circumstances of each of our clients. We understand just how serious being accused of a criminal act can be.

We believe every individual has a right to a criminal defence solicitor from the moment they are arrested in connection with an offence through to the concluded hearing. Consulting a defence solicitor does not mean you are admitting guilt; everyone is entitled to legal representation if accused of a crime.

As your solicitors, we will be on hand throughout the judicial process and will explain the various possible outcomes of your case. If found guilty of an offence and you receive a custodial sentence, then we will also be able to provide you with legal advice relating to prison law and your rights as a prisoner. It is vital that you have a criminal defence solicitor at your side who understands the legal process and who can advise you of the best actions to take in situations ranging from the initial police interview right through to the presentation of your case in court.

 20 Years of Accumulated Practice

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To make sure that you get the very best in terms of services, we operate with ever-expanding criminal law firms in which we can distribute advice and assistance. We focus primarily on complex criminal cases which are difficult to navigate for the general public, but at the same time are more than capable of providing assistance with less challenging situations.

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