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Family Law


Jacobs Law team of expert family solicitors can help you if you want advice or representation in connection with any aspect of family law. As the availability of legal aid funding for family law cases has been reduced in recent years, we now offer fixed fee family law services for new clients, removing the uncertainty over legal costs that can deter many people from seeking the professional legal advice they need.

Whatever your family law issue, we aim to provide you with professional legal advice to help you when you need it the most. We appreciate that family law advice is often needed at a time when you might be feeling extremely emotional or vulnerable, but it can make all the difference to your situation and the outcome of your case.

Our family solicitors and family law experts aim to give you clear and concise advice, so that you are fully informed and you are able to make a decision about how you want your family law case to proceed.

Areas covered by Jacobs Law Solicitors:

Domestic Violence

In domestic violence cases, Family Law addresses the procedures involved in acquiring a protective order. The extent of the family violence is subject to the court’s decision. There is a protocol that is followed by law enforcement organizations to guarantee that the protection order is observed.

For suspected injuries, medical professionals may be requested to conduct a medical check up and report to the law enforcement agency to testify whether the said injuries resulted from domestic violence.

Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

We will be able to assist you in divorce petitions, separation agreements and judicial separation.

Child Support/Custody

Family law sets a number of custody arrangements which can be requested by one or both parents. These usually include joint custody where only a single parent have legal custody, joint custody where both parents have legal custody and sole custody on the child.

 20 Years of Accumulated Practice

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To make sure that you get the very best in terms of services, we operate with ever-expanding family law firms in which we can distribute advice and assistance. We focus primarily on complex family cases which are difficult to navigate for the general public, but at the same time are more than capable of providing assistance with less challenging situations.

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